The following links are a selection of companies I found on the internet that manufacture / supply / repair EFI related parts which can be used in the Cagiva Elefant. There are also links to informative websites. I have no relationship with any of them, and the links are presented pure for information. The companies are located all over the world, so there is a good chance that parts can be located for any visitor of this site. At least that is my goal.


Manufacturer / Wholesaler Link Country Remark
Accel USA injectors
ATP Electronics
Auto Performance Engineering USA fuel pumps
Axel Augustin Germany  
Beru AG Germany sensors
Bresch France  
Facet Italy sensors
FIM Australia remapping
Fuel System Enterprises UK Sytec fuel pumps
Fultrust China fuel pumps
Hardi Germany fuel pumps
Holger Christiansen Group Danmark rpm / cps sensors
Hüco Germany ignition modules
JC Whitney USA  
Intermotor UK  
Lidercar Argentina  
Linder Technical services USA  
Marelli Italy where it all began
Meat-Doria Italy  
MM Competition Systems Ltd UK Marelli importer
Moto One Australia  
My16M Australia afermarket ECU
Redline Weber USA  
Sigma Performance UK  
Spectromatic Bulgaria  
Thomson Motors New Zealand Italian parts import
Tomco Inc USA  
VGS Motorsport Germany  
Webcon UK