Weber-Marelli IAW fuel injection

on the Cagiva 900ie Elefant


The following pages are dedicated on the Weber-Marelli IAW fuel injection that is used on the 900ie and 900ie GT Elefants. Because information is scarce and widely spread on the internet, and also because I have noticed that even lots of motorbike shops have difficulties in serviceing this system, I have attempted to organise the information I have found and make it available via these pages. I hope it is a valuable reference for Elefant riders all over the world, especially for them who don't have access to specialists.

Although I have collected quite some useful information, is is by no means complete and there's also always the possibility that errors are present in the information. I hope all who visit these pages and have corrective or extra information (new part numbers, data sheets, schemes, adresses, etc.) will send this to me so we can all make this a complete reference point to keep our Elefants running.

Without naming any person in particular, so I won't forget anyone else, thanks to everybody that has helped gathering this info. Sometimes it comes from the most unexpected sources on the net.


EFI manual (from a Moto Guzzi, almost identical system)
EFI setup text (in French, thanks to my dear friend Toine!)
EFI setup text (sourced from an Italian Ducati site)
Weber Marelli Manual (in Italian, but with schematics!)

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Air Temperature Sensor ATS04 Alternatives Data sheet  Tip: faulty sensor or corrosion on the connector gives a leaner  mixture  
Air Pressure Sensor APS03/03 Alternatives Data sheet    
Crank / Cam Position Sensor SEN 8T Alternatives Data sheet    
Throttle Position Sensor PF09 Alternatives Data sheet    
Water Temperature Sensor WTS05 (long nose) and WTS09 (short nose) Alternatives Data sheet  Tip: faulty sensor or corrosion on the connector gives a richer  mixture  
Fuel Pump Alternatives Data sheet  Tip: no pump activity at key on - check efi relais (right fairing)  
Fuel Filter Alternatives      
Injector IW042 Alternatives      
Ignition Module BKL 3B Alternatives      

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